Monday, February 18, 2013


Apparently our weather pattern is..."unsettled".

Saturday 16 February. More snow!

And then, after more snow Saturday night into Sunday we got cold and wind.

Sunday 17 February

Not horseback riding today! That's alongside the driveway to the barn. It's every bit as bad as it looks! It's freezing cold and the wind is just howling. My nose hairs froze walking to the car. I absolutely *hate* this stuff.

Really. I much prefer...

Same place...19 July (2011)

The only thing today had going for it? Nice day for pancakes!

Best pancakes ever

I used Bob's Red Mill buttermilk whole grain mix. I followed the instructions on the package. I use powdered milk. I added a quarter cup of Old Wessex 5 grain cereal. I was inspired by this recipe but I didn't have any quick cooking oats in the house. I added a tablespoon of water and I let the mix sit for about a half hour. And they really were just about the best pancakes I ever made. Even without blueberries.

I use a Lodge cast iron griddle. I paint a tiny amount of canola oil on the hot griddle with a paint brush. I use barely a teaspoon for a whole stack of pancakes. Perfect pancakes every time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

After the storm...

A lot of digging out had to be done.

And a nice snow bath was the first order of business!

Very becoming

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is a Snow Day

I woke up to this:

9 February 2013 7:38 am. Looking NNW.

There are cars out there somewhere...

It cleared well before they forecast. The wind blowing the snow around made it very unpleasant for most of the day.

The coastal region got whacked pretty hard. The flooding was severe and it could be 5 days before some of those communities have power. This is an awful time of year to be without power. It wasn't all that bad here west of the city. It was a huge storm but it wasn't the storm of a lifetime. We got something between 2 and 3 feet. It's worth remembering that they report precipitation (and its form) from Logan Airport. Which is right on Boston Harbor. With the moderating effect of the nearby water - a couple of feet of snow at Logan is a huge event. Just a few miles west of the city we get 2 and 3 feet of snow now and then.

We get snowbanks like this but it's rare to see them like this from a single storm.

North St.

This is the neighborhood where I run. Not today!

Barber St.

While I just hate the cold I usually don't mind the snow so much. Usually. This was a bit much. I'm really looking forward to Spring!

Of course a hot peppermint patty is the perfect thing for a day like this!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working Girl

I've said it hundreds of times now. I don't know what I did to deserve my L. Whatever it is it likely wasn't in this lifetime. Her "Work Ethic" is one of her virtues. Early on during training the way she'd "get down to business" was downright conspicuous. One day I realized...she was "working". She takes it so seriously it's very funny!

She had been stuck in the barn most of the week so I thought she'd be a little...oh, "up". Thinking I might be in for a "lively" ride I saddled up. Well. She was working before my butt even landed on the saddle.

Just doing her job

She did everything I asked, when I asked her to and she did it well. A positively stellar ride. Canadian Horses are very well known for their intelligence and their gentle nature. L is everything a Canadian Horse should be!
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