Monday, May 7, 2018

Um. Nope. Just. Nope.

I normally reject trends and gimmicks out of hand.

A recent trend in the bar world is the pickleback. You have a shot of pickle juice alongside your whiskey. Oh.... I kind of file it away with a "shrub".

An extension of that

Dill Pickle Martini

Yes. A distinctly green cast. Instead of vermouth, you mix your gin with dill pickle brine. I decided I'd go ahead and try this. I love pickles. My friends tell me I'd probably eat a sneaker if it was pickled. And pickles are wonderful companions to martinis. And ...when I have a Gibson I really do like that little touch of brine. And...I wanted to have an opinion based on first hand experience.

Well. Know what? I can't ever remember dumping a cocktail in the sink before. It was just awful. The real reason being...the salt. While not even a drop of brine from a cocktail onion delivers a pleasant little something to your martini...a large dose of salt simply does not, in my opinion away, play well with gin.
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