Sunday, January 7, 2018

What on earth?!

Normally I avoid politics and controversy on my blog. I blog purely as a recreational thing to indulge my idiosyncrasies. But. I read in the paper today. The President of the United States. Yesterday. The *President* of the United States. Held a press conference. From Camp David. On a Saturday afternoon.

To tell us all. He's been to the best schools. And he's very smart. And. This is quite rich. To reassure us he "do proper".

I was out enjoying my morning walk. In the freezing cold. When the full ...gravity..of it hit and I literally laughed out loud. It would be quite hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Seriously. WTF was that?!

I'm really embarrassed.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day!

Blizzard Day is more descriptive.

The snow died down a little bit...I live in this building..

Today we're enjoying what's called a Bomb Cyclone. This sucker came roaring up the coast (Noreaster) this morning after having dropped snow in Florida yesterday! I haven't watched the news yet but it sure looks like an official blizzard. Visibility has surely been less than a thousand feet all day and mostly barely a few hundred feet. Cold wind blown snow all day long.

The only good(?) thing is it's colder than was forecast so rather than all heavy wet snow it's been more dry powder.

The horses are all tucked in with plenty of hay and water. Just going to have to catch up on barn work tomorrow and over the weekend.

Edited to add:

The news says the official report isn't in yet but everyone has to agree it was a full blown blizzard. If you've never been through a real honest to God blizzard they are pretty bad.

And now the west side of the storm is going to bring in below zero Arctic air for the next couple of days. Wind chills -18 to -30° F.
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