Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dashing through the snow?

It snowed like crazy Saturday. Heavy wet slushy slippery snow. All things considered it was pretty miserable. I decided however it would be a good time to take L out and see if I could get a nice picture for next year's Christmas card.

Nope. This isn't it.

Hahahaha. She was having none of it. Here I'd groomed her and brushed out her mane and she made straight for the run in shed. Where she rolled in the dirt. Twice.

I chased her out in the snow and maybe, of a couple dozen pictures, I might have one or two pretty good ones. The rest look like that one there.

Nice day for hot chocolate!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A wintry ride

I know people that love February. Oh, I know the days are getting longer. Statistically February isn't cold as January. And it's a short month. And every day is another day closer to spring.

I hate February. Everything is hard in the wintertime and I think February is the "dark before the dawn". By the time February gets here I'm really sick and tired of the cold. So I just moped around most of the day Saturday.

Sunday I was desperate for a ride and L was happy to oblige.

The most recent snow was relatively undisturbed and there were tracks everywhere! I enjoy following the tracks. It's fun to see who's been around and where they go.

Saturday 9 February. Deer tracks.

There were some one way bunny tracks. They kind of came out from under some brush and went off into a trail and just....stopped. I was wondering how on earth did he do that?! Blood stained snow under a tree some yards away of course meant poor bunny got snatched up by an owl. Hawks leave wing tip marks in the snow.

It wasn't a particularly pretty day.

Tundra? Windy out here!

But L was very willing to go through this stuff and treated me with a perfectly delightful ride. She knows "careful". I tell her "careful" and she drops her head and she inspects the ground and tests the footing and proceeds very carefully. It's the sweetest thing.

I swear sometimes she almost just puts me to sleep. It was a lot of work getting here and worth every minute of it. Although I wondered about it at the time!

Back to the barn!

I'll be darned!

I'm rather partial to Bass even though it's not what it used to be. It was an imported Bass pale ale first put me on to ales. The domestic brew isn't anywhere near good as its overseas counterpart but I'm sentimental about it.

I thought this IPA was very good and I enjoyed it. I had no idea Bass had an IPA.
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