Friday, June 13, 2014

No place I'd rather be

People always ask..."where you going on your vacation?". The answer is of course, no place.

I do like to see my way clear to a day at the beach but really, where else would I want to be?

Sunday 1 June 2014

I'd like to horseback ride around the south of France someday..or Normandy. The both, of course...the food! Trouble is I don't just want to horseback ride. I'd have to ride L. That would be a *huge* project. Notwithstanding that I'd have real concerns about putting her under that much stress. So it's destined be nothing more than fantasy.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A desperate act?

While I've come to like a Bourbon Rickey now and then my summertime drink of choice is gin and tonic.

One bright summery afternoon a couple of years ago I went to fix a gin and tonic and found...<gasp> no limes! So. I used ..

A lemon wedge?

At the time I felt it was a desperate act. But. I liked it! I've since learned having a lemon in your gin and tonic is quite common. Some say it's preferred in London these days. And apparently limes in India are more like our lemons than limes. I don't know about that first hand.

Canada Dry or Polar have always been my favorite tonic waters. I hadn't given it any thought really but I find out both have HFCS. I won't knowingly eat HFCS. If I really drank enough for the HFCS in my tonic water to be an issue then the HFCS would be the least of my problems. I'm sure it's not a lot. But I have principles. Really!

Knowing Whole Foods doesn't carry anything with HFCS in it I stopped to see what they had for tonic water. They have some *very expensive* tonic water! I tried the middle tier Fever Tree and the low brow house brand. I thought the Fever Tree made an excellent gin and tonic. But then I knew what I was drinking. A blind taste test might be in order. I found the Whole Foods house brand (365) to make an equally excellent gin and tonic. At barely half the Fever Tree price. But it only comes in cans. Which means transferring a half a can anyway into a bottle for at least a day or two.
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