Monday, May 18, 2015

They miss their shed

This is so sad. They *really* miss their shed. It collapsed under the snow over the wintertime.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Gone Fishin'

Last fall I decided to take up fishing again. I fished many many years ago but after having my lifelong fishing rod stolen I just lost my way. Sad story. Left my car wide open rod gone. Thing is, that fishing rod was like an old friend. We'd been through a lot. Traveled all over the country. Been lost by the airlines and recovered.

But circumstances were such last fall that fishing sure seemed like the thing to do.

I made a couple of outings and..oh hell, it wasn't as easy as I remembered! So I mostly practiced. Lost a few lures. Started to get my game back, as the saying goes. Now, with spring blooming...and fish dimpling the pond outside...I decided I'd do some scouting and maybe really try and catch something.

Of course this helps too...

Why yes, this really *is* my back yard!

So I found some nice water and...Thursday morning, 30 April, went seriously fishing!

Although frankly, it really is more about this..

Just listening to the river passing by and enjoying being outdoors.

But, as luck would have it, I did a fair job reading the water and it was a most perfect day. Here! My first fish in almost 30 years!

Brook Trout? Grass Carp I think!

My second cast landed me a pretty little trout. And 4 more in the next half hour! And all kinds of missed strikes along the way. Great fun! Of course I released them all. I was pretty thrilled. And no kidding, that really is my back yard. And I'm not telling anyone exactly where I caught those pretty little fish.
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