Sunday, April 30, 2017

This is a little more like it!

29 April 2017

Finally. Winter really wasn't all that bad. Of course, winter and horses is hard here anyway but March and most of April have been pretty miserable this year. Just when you're looking for relief. It's been cold and it's been wet. But here with the end of April came a few nice days. It still doesn't smell like spring. But it looks more and more like spring. So nice to see the leaves coming out and things starting to turn green.
And it just doesn't get much better than....this:

Just resting in the sun

Ya I know. She's a little...oh, chubby. She's a Canadian! They practically live on air you know.

I saw the very first lilacs of the season yesterday and was so moved by the nice day I started decorating the barn for spring. That's a pinwheel. And some kind of colorful little thing that whirls in the wind I got at the dollar store.

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