Sunday, March 30, 2014


No, not really. Not as dismal as it looks anyway.

Saturday 29 March. Yahoo!

You see, it was a little sloppy in spots. It was cloudy overcast most of the day. It was breezy. Even starting to rain. But...for most of the was near 60°F! I felt like we haven't been out riding in *ages*. That's probably because..oh, it's been weeks at least. It's been bitter cold, windy, snowy, icy, then when we did have a couple of seasonal days the mud was like soup everywhere.

Yesterday was as nice a day as we've had in a very long time. And L was, of course, a rock star. We didn't do anything hard. A little flexing and bending. Some transitions. She had the nicest slow jog going for a couple hundred yards. We both need to get ready to work in the weeks ahead. There are still some snow piles in the shady spots and the woods are downright swampy, but we found enough firm footing to have a good time.

We were out for about an hour so when the wind and the rain picked up and I think the temperature dropped almost 20° in just a few minutes. I felt really good with L between me and the ground even if for just a short while.

And look! Halibut season!

Pan seared oven roasted halibut steak

With steamed leeks. Halibut is my most favorite fish. Halibut steak, seasoned and seared in a scary hot cast iron griddle and finished in a 425° oven for a few minutes is sensational. Pinot Grigio went very well with it. And would you believe I've never had leeks before?! Loved them. I made a lighter vinaigrette than the recipe. I thought the red wine vinegar might clash with my wine and the fish might be overpowered by the balsamic vinegar. So I used white wine vinegar with a little rice wine vinegar. With a little spot of maple syrup. I should have thought to use a little squeeze of lemon.

That's the very first halibut of the season!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking for spring

in all the wrong places? Not much spring around here yet!

It's been very cold and unpleasant for some time now. But there is some hope! I think the ice is gone for this season

21 March 2014, first full day of spring

At least it sounds like spring. The Red Winged Blackbirds came back last weekend and they're making quite the racket. And I saw geese back here for the first time this season just yesterday. But a really sure sign is...the daffodils! I saw the first daffodils on the first day of spring late Thursday afternoon.

See? Daffodils! 20 March 2014

But *every* horse person knows the *real* frist sign of spring is...


Mud is of course...everywhere

Tractor tracks

lot and lots of deep soupy mud. You can easily sink into this stuff to the middle of your shins and have it suck the shoes right off your feet.

But the worst part of all?

There's nothing to eat out here. Bring me in now.
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