Monday, June 25, 2018


L has settled right in. She's very comfortable. I knew she would be.


25 June. I am thrilled beyond words to have her on pasture.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Our New Home!

It's with much mixed feelings I gave up the farm this week. The turning point of course was last winter's ice. We had horses in stalls for 6 weeks. That they remained sane at all is a testament to their temperament. It was just the most awful thing. It was cruel and abusive but there was no way we could put horses out on that ice.

The only way to be sure it isn't going to happen again is to move. And here in New England this is the time of year you want to find a new barn. It's also very expensive to keep a horse here in greater Boston so I can't keep them all.

We started taking the fences down yesterday.

Our last day here. 23 June.

L's last day with her herd

We packed our things. Did the sad goodbyes. L followed me on to the trailer and hitched right in like we do this every day. She's my rock star! Off we go...

Nice rig! Check out the lower right hand corner there. Ya. Her friends watching us leave.

It was a short 3 mile ride. She unloaded quietly. Did a quick survey and followed me right into the barn. Biggest barn she's ever been in!

I think there are 35 horses here!

She had to huff and woof for a few minutes but I was very proud to have her present herself so well! I tend to brag sometimes and horses do have minds of their own. It wouldn't be the first time she's made an ass out of me!

And seriously! Look at this huge indoor! This will be so nice in the winter!

This is about as good a situation as can be under any circumstances. This is a very horse focused property and it feels right. I think L will be safe and comfortable here. We have a huge indoor. Two outdoor courses. Turnout with pasture. Trails.

And I'm fully boarding her! No more barn work! I swear sometimes my arms hurt so bad I can barely raise a glass of water. It will be a huge adjustment. Taking care of your horse is a satisfying thing and I've been doing it for longer than I can remember. I'm sure just enjoying my L will be easy enough to adjust to!

And..can you believe this? She's just two and a half miles away! How cool is that!?

Huge day. L's new home. 23 June.
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