Sunday, January 7, 2018

What on earth?!

Normally I avoid politics and controversy on my blog. I blog purely as a recreational thing to indulge my idiosyncrasies. But. I read in the paper today. The President of the United States. Yesterday. The *President* of the United States. Held a press conference. From Camp David. On a Saturday afternoon.

To tell us all. He's been to the best schools. And he's very smart. And. This is quite rich. To reassure us he "do proper".

I was out enjoying my morning walk. In the freezing cold. When the full ...gravity..of it hit and I literally laughed out loud. It would be quite hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Seriously. WTF was that?!

I'm really embarrassed.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day!

Blizzard Day is more descriptive.

The snow died down a little bit...I live in this building..

Today we're enjoying what's called a Bomb Cyclone. This sucker came roaring up the coast (Noreaster) this morning after having dropped snow in Florida yesterday! I haven't watched the news yet but it sure looks like an official blizzard. Visibility has surely been less than a thousand feet all day and mostly barely a few hundred feet. Cold wind blown snow all day long.

The only good(?) thing is it's colder than was forecast so rather than all heavy wet snow it's been more dry powder.

The horses are all tucked in with plenty of hay and water. Just going to have to catch up on barn work tomorrow and over the weekend.

Edited to add:

The news says the official report isn't in yet but everyone has to agree it was a full blown blizzard. If you've never been through a real honest to God blizzard they are pretty bad.

And now the west side of the storm is going to bring in below zero Arctic air for the next couple of days. Wind chills -18 to -30° F.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hey! That's me!

So here I am enjoying my morning walk on an absolutely beautiful day...and...THE GOOGLE CAR DRIVES BY! How cool is that?!

That Street View will probably be up for years. But it won't be there forever. So here's a screen capture for posterity.

I *think* that was 24 August 2017. I should have taken notes.

Edited to add:

Yes. It was really hard to be cool and not jump up and down and wave :)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Holiday!

I don't celebrate Christmas. But I *do* celebrate my horse at every opportunity!

Monday, December 11, 2017

First snow!

Saturday 9 December was our very first snow of the season.

That's Sammi's stall in the doorway. Biggest horse gets the biggest stall!

Which of course meant Sunday L had her first snow bath of the season!

Barn life is hard in the wintertime. Every season gets worse and while it does have its rewards I just dread it. You just suck it up do it. The manure pile is a real burden in the snow. The manure pile is a 1000 foot trip from the barn. Three trips out and back is a little over a mile. Sometimes the landlord doesn't think plow down to the manure pile. And sometimes he's out of town when it snows.

Normally I use this Gorilla Cart to haul manure. I don't think they have this model anymore.

I can load 7 or 8 cubic feet of manure into that wagon and make 3 to 5 trips on a typical day. I'd rather have a tractor! But it will do. Most of the year.

Not so much in the snow! Oh I've used it in the snow the past 2 years and it's a *real* struggle. It gets better after the first couple of trips. The tires make ruts in the snow that act almost like rails. It's still a real workout.

This year I had an inspired moment!

I got one of these! I got a Jet Sled 1. And, on the occasion of the first snow of the season had a chance to take it for a test drive. We had maybe seven inches of snow. Enough to make using the wagon a challenge.

That's about 10 cubic feet of manure!

And handling it was a breeze. I swear not much more than a walk to the manure pile and back. The tow rope can be a little tough on the hands so I wrapped some foam pipe insulation around the rope and duct taped it.

I am just elated. Hauling manure (and bedding and feed!) is like there's just nothing to it. Winter can be pretty miserable and every little bit helps.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

And stay off!

I've been chasing The Little Bastard off the table for years. Four be exact. He's not stupid. Quite the contrary. He just doesn't care!

Get off the table!

And then there's the counter. Unfortunately watching pots simmer is one of his favorite things to do!

And *get* down off the counter!

And then there's the day he found my bag of bags. What. Doesn't everyone have a bag of bags?

Jackopot! This was tons of fun!

It's a good thing he's so cute. Seriously. How cute is this?!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thought provocation...

I often think we're rather arrogant these days. We collectively as a species think we're highly evolved and pretty advanced. That this is the age of miracles. All the knowledge of humankind is at our fingertips. Surely the end times must be near - we're so advanced there's no place left to go.

Of course I don't agree.

When I was a kid ...haha...when I was a kid, we thought cars would fly by now. We thought electricity would be free because it was just so cheap to produce. We'd have 3 hour work days and leisure activities would dominate our lives. We were so naive.

I really think there have only been a couple of grand achievements in my lifetime. Space. Definitely. Not just the moon landing but satellites. I still remember watching the 1964 Olympic Games "live via satellite". It was a miracle! The picture sucked. Black and white. Not much more than shadow puppets but we watched the!

Deciphering the genetic code.

Truly grand scientific achievements. Otherwise. Well, technology and engineering have dominated our lives much more than science. Science brings us new and wondrous things. Snatching voices from thin air is science. Replacing tubes with transistors is engineering. Making it lighter. Smaller. That's engineering. Making jet engines more efficient. Air frames lighter. Airfoils with greater lift. All engineering. In the first 50 years of the last century we went from Wright Brothers first flight to the F-86 Sabre. In the last 50 years of the last century ...we made jet engines that use less fuel.

My point being. I don't think this is the age of miracles that we'd like to think.

So what got me on this? I live down the street from an old cemetery. And I thought this put it in better perspective:

I walk around looking at the markers and can't help but wonder what kind of miracles some of these people must have seen. Here's this guy George Scott.

He was born into a world where America had just declared war on Mexico. The Alamo was a recent event. The war of 1812 was within living memory. Indoor plumbing was almost unknown. As was refrigeration. And central heating. People lit their homes with lard lamps. There may have been steam ships but there was no regular steam ship service.

He was 5 years old when the Civil War broke out. Nine years old when Lincoln was assassinated.

And think for a minute the things he saw come to pass in his lifetime. Electric lights. Airplanes. Radio. Automobiles. This guy. Almost 175 years ago. Living into his 90s in 1942(!) he saw countless miracles of science and engineering. Really transformative things. Not just MS Word making typewriters obsolete. Seriously. Just think for a minute how electricity changed people's lives in most profound ways. This guy saw things on a scale and scope we can barely imagine.
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