Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I did something. Something I never in a million years thought I'd do. I...I...<sigh>...bought ..vegan hot dogs.

I was researching hot dogs online. I love hot dogs. But I'm not supposed to eat hot dogs. Actually. I don't think anyone is supposed to eat hot dogs. But once in a very long while...I mean, maybe once or twice a year, I'll have a couple of hot dogs. I generally have the Applegate Farms dogs. I think most people agree they're probably the least bad for you.

But I just happened to stumble on a review that included vegetarian hot dogs. Oh, I don't really remember the site but they had some positive things to say about the Smart Dogs.

And...truth be told...I tried tofu bologna several months ago. I was really just curious about it. I didn't expect it to be good. But at least I'd have my own first hand opinion.

Not bad. Really! Not bad.

There are lots of different bolognas out there. This stuff wasn't bad and..was even better than some of the bad tasting bologna I've had.

It even looks pretty convincing

So..the bologna helped open my mind to the possibility..and..the Smart Dogs not only tasted like hot dogs, they tasted like good hot dogs! I steamed them. I've read they're not quite as good grilled or fried. They overcook easily on the grill and the texture just isn't quite right when they're fried. But steamed? Very good dogs!

Mind you both of these are more highly processed than the food I normally eat. Really. We're talking hot dogs and bologna here. Just because they're plant based just necessarily make them good for you. But the nutrition information is quite impressive and even though I'm not an expert in these things I'm sure they really are less bad for you.

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