Saturday, August 11, 2018

Moving Day!

Well..This past Tuesday we went to move the rest of the herd off the property...

Tuesday, 7 August

Hot. But a nice day.

The girls loaded without any issues at all...

Horses are so funny. Their new herd gathered to see what was going on...

Oh look! New friends!

It was a ton of work but it was nice getting this stuff done.

The girls settled in quickly.

Grass! Lots of grass!

And...our second on the left...chickens and barn cats on the right..

Lots of stuff to "browse" in their new home...

Of course I'd love to say the day came off without a hitch. But didn't. We went back for the last two horses. One loaded. One...didn't. Now. I've seen it take people 3 hours to get a horse on a trailer. But. I've never. Had the pleasure. Of that experience. Until. Then.

B would have none of it. We teased him with carrots. We bread crumbed a path into the trailer with fresh grass. We sedated him. We pushed. We bum wrapped him. We hand walked his feet. He's traveled before but he's always been in a slant load. He's never been in a straight load. We got the vet out and tranquilized him. We got volunteers and tried to carry him in. This is one of those things you never ever want them to win. You'll live to regret it.

But...after almost five hours we had to give it up. It was starting to get dark. And we were all pretty beat up.

At least the barn is all cleared out and all the stalls are stripped.

We got a gold of someone with a slant load and we're going to try and move these last two horses tomorrow.

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