Monday, October 22, 2018

America in Crisis!

OK. I typically avoid political commentary in my blog. But. Oh. Please.

There's a caravan of a thousand migrants in Mexico! Heading north! To America! It's a crisis! George Soros paid them! It's those democrats! Better call out the army!

<rant on>I'm sorry. So sorry. But really. They're mostly hardened criminals! There are MIDDLE EASTERN people with them! Call out the army! Um. That's not legal, btw.

But. seriously. Jesus H! This has reached a completely absurd level. OMG! They might want to clean toilets! Or wash dishes in restaurants! Or pick lettuce for a dollar an hour in the hot sun! They're going to take your jobs and make bombs! They want better lives for their kids! They don't want to be murdered by gangs!

I lived through the 60s. This is crazy. I am just so appalled.

Seriously. This is so completely ridiculous. So much so it's hard to believe adults are exchanging rhetoric over it.<rant off>

America's in crisis alright.

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